Our Enterprise

Super Herbs is one of the leading companies in egypt for farming producing, processing and exporting of dehydrated sun and machine herbs, spices, seasonings, condiments and essential oils to many countries in the world we guarantee the quality of our products step by step through the entire process of Production .

Our Philosophy

We provide unsurpassed quality and that took dedication to this artisan craft. as a direct exporter of an array of herbs, spices, seeds, and related products, our quality assurance team and our partners in the fields work diligently so that you can feel confident about what you’re getting.

Our responsibility is to provide excellent services

Quality Control

Every products of Super Herbs Establishes norms for certifying the basis for the spice product. to produce high-quality spices, spice mixtures, and active ingredients for the food industry, a well-thought-out effective HACCP and food safety concept must be implemented. quality is not just the quality of the product for us. it is the integration of quality, especially in production, processing, and service, into all workflows and organizational units in the company. Super Herbs does not allow the products to the table without control the quality of every product it produces.

The Shipping

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Our Mission and Goals

Our Principles

Trust, honesty, quality, customer service and honesty are our distinguished business principles.

Our Story

Super Herbs is an Egyptian trading company, located in Fayoum, located in the North of Egypt.

Our Experience

We have an experienced and professional working team, who works hardly to assure the best quality.


Obvious, but you would be surprised how many businesses aim to simply lift the current operations, storage solution and operating plans from one building to the next. Consider sales growth and an increase in SKUs. Will any new product ranges be introduced? Do the new ranges have the same storage characteristics and sales profile as existing ranges? What about the cube and packaging, does the current or planned storage media support the new ranges? As sales increase will you be able to increase the inventory turnover? Simply, can you replenish the warehouse faster and use less space as a result? Greater throughput provides opportunities for more frequent deliveries, plan for them and reap the rewards.